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About Us

We have a passion for beauty. We love to see anything and everything pleasing to the senses. Naturally, we believe that should you wish it, the power to be beautiful will rest in your hands. We spent several years thinking about what we can do to promote the power that beauty holds for those who are willing to accept it until finally, in 1996, we came up with a practical solution. That’s the reason behind the founding of Unique Cosmetics.

Hello! We are Unique Cosmetics and we envision a world full of empowered individuals who can fully express their creativity and personality through our cosmetic products.

We support the notion that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. That’s a noble path to pursue and we are 100% supportive of that. However, we also think that those who prefer to use cosmetics should be given equal access and acceptance as well. That’s why we chose to be in this industry. We want to be a partner from whom you can get high-quality cosmetic products made in the USA or in Europe.


We want you to have all the options available so that you can be the best ‘you’ possible. By establishing a store that offers most of the major cosmetic brands in the world, we ensure that you will not have a lack of options to fully express your creativity and beauty.


We are so proud of what we’ve become since our establishment 25 years ago. From a humble store selling a few cosmetic brands, we’ve now grown to be one of the most reliable suppliers of high-quality, imported cosmetic products.


We still remind our employees of our mission and about our humble beginnings. In turn, this inspires them to offer the same degree of excellent customer service that Unique Cosmetics is known for. Our brand inspires loyalty—not just with our clients but also our employees. We still have employees now, who have been with us since our beginning!


This is a testament to our commitment to not just be the industry leader but also maintain our zeal towards uplifting the quality of life of our employees.


Throughout the years, we take great pride to have served (and in continuing to serve) our loyal patrons, and as we hope to see more and more of them in the coming years. With the help of our loyal and trustworthy employees, we will strive to serve your beauty needs as best as we can.


As for your shopping experience, we have worked tirelessly to offer you the best platform for shopping out there. We studied all aspects of your shopping experience to come up with a platform that’s seamless from browsing and adding items in your cart to the checkout process, all the way up until you receive the products you ordered. We have designed the process to be convenient, seamless, and fun.


We invite you to check out what we have in store for you. If you have questions about any one of the products we’re offering, do call our attention and one of our sales associates will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Enjoy shopping!


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